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Like no other, we know the importance of the way a message is expressed at a conference...



We can provide the technical equipment of your stand or exhibition....

3S Productions Bedrijfsfeest

Corporate event

It’s one of the most important challenges at a party: making sure all invited guests...


“Something I really appreciate about 3S Productions is their hands-on mentality. It’s very pleasant that they’re always on hand to help you.”

Peter van Wijngaarden

De Reclamehelden


“3S Productions tries to work with you and delivers on their promises.”

Ben Brand

Ben Brand Producties


“3S Productions provides you with all you need. Their involvement in our productions always means that everything runs smoothly."

Pim Lombarts

Evenementenbureau De Ceremoniemeester

Rianne Spelt

"I work at Studio A12 and I’ve always enjoyed working with 3S Productions. Dennis has lots of expertise, he moves quickly and he always comes up with creative solutions.
He always looks at situations from a customer perspective, to find out how customers benefit from specific situations."

Rianne Spelt

Studio A12.


"3S Productions has the WoW factor when it comes to planning and organizing. It feels familiar, they take care of everything and they don’t leave you any surprises…."

Vita de Blaeij

Oud horeca adviseur en ondernemer


"It’s very pleasant to work with someone like Dennis Burggraaf from 3S Events, now 3S Productions. He has knowledge of technique and he’s always very well prepared, which gives us, suppliers, and his customers a good and comfortable feeling."

Andre van der Heijden

Purple Haze Sound & Lights B.V.

Bas van der Heiden

"For more than 10 years, 3S productions (formerly 3S events) has been an experienced, trustful and professional party our artists are more than happy to work with."

Bas van der Heiden

Tribe boekingen

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About 3S Productions


3S Productions is your partner in light, sound, video, organization and facility management.



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